The Åland Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is the oldest and biggest network for business and trading in Åland. The Åland Chamber of Commerce has approximately 500 registered members and from five to eight employees depending on actual projects. We help businesses succeed on Åland and in international markets. We try to influence legislation, taxation and economic policy in order to help build a healthy business environment.

The Åland Chamber of Commerce gives expert advice and guidelines, and supervises Auditing, Goods Inspection and Property Valuation on Åland. We also give general information and member services and help starting up new companies. Our vision is a prosperous Åland and an EU which offers its citizens the best possible living environment.

Find business opportunities in Åland

Our staff is here to help you establish a business or helping you find a business partner on Åland. We offers free professional advices and services to international investors who are interested in investing on Åland. We are happy to help with information on taxes, trading, adequate advising, general consulting or physical establishing. Our staff also has a basic knowledge of the Åland laws and regulations.

Åland Chamber of Commerce network is broad and we can guide you to the right contact in both the business and public sector.

Welcome to contact us for further information about business opportunities on Åland!

Tel: +358 (0)18 29029


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