Live and work on Åland 

Quality of life in the middle of the Baltic Sea

The Åland Islands is not only a tourist destination; it is also an attractive place to live and work on. The relaxed lifestyle, high standard of living and diverse career opportunities have attracted many immigrants to Åland. The population has grown steady for the last decade.

Åland is well-known for its family friendly environment. High standard schools, safe society and a generous welfare state are some aspects why families choose to live on Åland. Thanks to the short distances, it is easy to combine a working career with leisure time.


The healthcare system on Åland is world class. Both public and private medical centers are of a very high standard. The central hospital in Mariehamn (ÅHS) is the center of public healtcare on Åland. ÅHS collaborates with several hospitals in the surrounding regions. Occupational health service are provided by several private medical centers.

Leisure activities

Rural land is never far away from the office building. The islanders love to be near nature and spends a lot of time in the beautiful archipelago with its thousands of unspoiled islands.

The islanders like sports, both as participants and spectators. The infrastructure for sport activities is well developed. Football is the national sport of Åland and a popular leisure activity for both young and old. Other popular sports are volleyball, golf, floorball, tennis and swimming.

There is an array of cultural activities on Åland. The most common cultural activities one can engage in are theater and music.

Career opportunities

The unemployment rate is low and the demand for labour is high. Highly skilled workers are needed in many industries, especially in information technology, shipping and healthcare. The tourism sector is in need of labor during peak season and seasonal workers are very common.

Practical information

Moving to Åland is no problem and has never been restricted by law. Even if the aim is to settle down permanently the obstacles is few. The special legislations around settling down are for protecting the Swedish-speaking Åland.

EU/EEA citizens have the right of free mobility within the European Economic Area. A precondition for free movement is having sufficient means of subsistence. A non-EU/EEA citizen need a residence permit to live and work on Åland. For more information, contact the State unit on Åland and the Åland Police Department.

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